27.05.2015 Leptung village, Second visit

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The first time Norbu and me were supposed to go to this village was on 12 May 2015 but we were stopped in the middle of our way and very close to the epicentre by the second massive earthquake. Fortunately, the food could still be brought at destination several days later by the head teacher of such village (see article from 13 May 2015).

This time, we started from Kathmandu with a strange feeling in our stomach and “our survival bag”, just in case… As we came closer to the last epicentre area, some big rocks at the road side remind us of our last trip and we could see that the local people are now courageously under the heat demolishing some parts of their houses to built their temporary houses before the coming monsoon.
After 7 hours driving and a stop in the district town, Charikot, which has been severely affected by the second earthquake, we arrived at destination. It was already dark and too late to call the villagers to get the food that we brought with us.
A 5 o’clock wake-up by the roaster and everybody was ready and excited to see what they would receive this time. The headmaster invited the 109 families that did not receive food till now to come to the distribution point, together with the other villagers to get the shelters for the school.

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