The porters’ village

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19th May 2015: One week after the second big earthquake that has strongly affected Nepal again, we have started early this morning to go to Rusawa district situated in the Langtang national park area at about 5 hours of driving from Kathamndu. Further to this recent earthquake it was necessary to let the earth slightly calm down before going in this kind of places.

The road is not too bad until a few kilometers before our destination.
Until today only very few supplies arrived since 25 April 2015 till the village we go.
It is situated at about 45 kilometers before the Tibet border on a very steep mountain flank at 2300 meters. Mostly porters of the Tamang ethical group that are hired during the trekking seasons live there with their families. Their villages is destroyed, 21 people lost their life and the current trekking season is already over.
It takes us a while to provide more than 5 tons of food that is divided into the 136 families living there. The people from the village are calmly sitting watching the preparation of the different ratios of food. What a scene…kids, moms with small babies, teenagers, older, everybody is there as if it would be market day.
Happy, we drive back to Kathmandu, the mind full of beautiful smiles.

Thank you to all of you for your generous contributions that permit to render a smile to these people living already before the tragic earthquakes with very less means.
Our support can go on thanks to you!

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