Butterfly Help Project: the next steps 2 months later

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A little trembling, a strange noise and our eyes are nervously looking around. The emotions of last Spring in Nepal are still in our heart.

Since our return to Switzerland in June, the aim to pursue our aid in Nepal was not coming out of our minds. Besides the great generosity of lots of people, we want to express a special thank to some particular persons for the organisation of events where we have had great opportunities to present our BHP and raise more funds for our next projects.


– presentation at the Lion’s club Zimmerberg, Switzerland

– presentation at the Royal Riviera Hotel in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

– contribution from the fees of each racer at the mountain trail race Les Plans-, Vaud, Switzerland


– momo lunch & dinner personally prepared by Norbu at the Susanfe Hut above Champary, Wallis, Switzerland

– contribution from the fees of each racer at the mountain trail race Lavey – Les Martinaux/ Tourche Hut, Vaud, Switzerland.

Thanks to all these extraordinary support, our coming program looks as follows:

September and October 2015:

– upon his recent return to Nepal, Norbu will distribute the uniforms that we have been made and are now ready for the 306 kids of the Leptung Secundary School

– a cargo or container will be shortly sent to Nepal from Switzerland with an important amount of clothes to be distributed by ourselves among the local people of some remote villages, starting already with the village of Palep-Ramche

– upon receipt of the last technical essential information, the first stone will be set for the construction of the Palep-Ramche primary school.

We are really looking forward to pursuing this fabulous experience and see the extraordinary smiles on the faces of the local people.

THANK YOU for your support and let’s continue our BHP !

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