Swiss Committee

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Andrea Zimmermann


The Himalaya in the core of her passion, married to Norbu Sherpa, Andrea Ursina Zimmermann is close to the Sherpa people. Andrea and Norbu decided to create the Association in order to sustain the education of the Sherpa kids after the loss of a close expedition Sherpa friend of Norbu.…

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Gabrielle Gachet


Originated from Canton Vaud, I am domiciled in Beaufort-sur-Doron since 2011. I am married and mom of a daughter. I have a partial-time job as a border guard in Geneva, which gives me the possibility to conciliate my private and professional lives. As a former elite athlete, I have kept sport…

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Camille Schoenenweid


My principal activity being the forensic science, the family link made my encounter Andrea Zimmermann. Her fascination for Nepal and in particular, for the Everest region and its inhabitants have touched and motived me to join the Committee of the Association at the time of its creation in January 2015.…