Adhamara School

Shree Adhamara primary school

In 2020, when the whole world went on lockdown, the Chepang people blocked all accesses to their village and solely focused on constructing the village school that was planned by Butterfly Help Project. We were amazed to see how motivated the inhabitants from Adhamara village (Chitwan District, Nepal) were to build such school.

Thanks to the good understanding between the villagers, they distributed each task of the school construction among them.

For example: some families were responsible for preparing the small rocks for the construction, some were involved in bringing the material from the deposit place, others were responsible for setting up the walls, and some were in charge of building the toilets. In addition, skilled people worked as mason under the supervision of the appointed engineer. The villagers’ dedication while doing their work, motivated us to find solutions to be able to supply the construction material on time, despite the obstacles faced due to the pandemic situation; the local authority gave us special permission to transport the material until the bottom of the village.

With a bit of luck and the villagers’ willingness, the construction of the school could finish on time. But at the same time, the children were unable to We are not aware of the consequences of the lack of education for almost two years.

In Nepal, the private schools had the privilege to set up online classes during the time the schools were shut down; but many schools like in Adhamara village, almost two years have passed without proper education. With the support of our donors, we, the Butterfly Help Project, continue to motivate the kids to come back to school as soon as the situation will get better.

This project could not have happened without the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, to which we are immensely grateful for their precious support in building the Adhamara Shree Primary School!

School benches to Adhamara school

To encourage the Adhamara kids to come back to school, we recently distributed to each kid a tracksuit made in our tailor-atelier in Kathmandu, and a pair of shoes, during one of the short opening of the school. In addition, some school bags, copies and pencils were given thanks to @Thibaut Wadowski.

We have also built 45 wooden benches that will soon be handed over to the school, upon its reopening.

Who are the Chepang people?

The people from Adhamara village are mostly originated from the Chepang ethnical group, an indigenous Tibeto-Burman community of Nepal. Unfortunately, they are among the most vulnerable communities in Nepal. Some still live nowadays in caves, while others live in their thatch houses relying on maize, bananas, and millet agriculture. They are also among the shyest, most sincere, hardworking and dedicated people in Nepal. But unfortunately, due to poverty, lack of education and health facilities, their standard of living is not improving.

Construction of road to transport material to the village

Villagers carrying construction material for the school

Villagers carrying construction material

Couple responsible to prepare rock pebbles for the construction

Villagers preparing the place for the school construction

Encore du travail

School construction

School construction

School construction

Andrea distributing toys during her visit to Adhamara


School roof with the beautiful view on the surrounding mountains

School lower wall, built to protect from soil erosion

Shree Adhamara Primary School after construction

Toilets for the kids

Thibaut and Tashi distributing bags, pencils and copies for each kid

Norbu Distributing track-suit made in our tailor atelier in Kathmandu and shoes to each kid

School kids

School kids

School kids

Chepang kid

Chepang people

Chepang farmerhouses

Norbu and the villager Alu Dai

Chepang family

Adhamara villagers

Ongoing Projects

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