Appointment of new Teachers

Appointment of new teachers

We believe that the appointment of new teachers might boost the quality of education.

As Elizabeth Warren said: “A good education is a foundation for a better future.”

After constructing three schools and examining the education system of these schools, we realized that our next responsibility is to improve the education within such schools. As we understood clearly, a lovely building by itself won’t provide quality education. Therefore, to enhance the education of these schools, we must appoint some teachers from the Butterfly Help Project side.

Why do we want to appoint new teachers?

2015, more than 6000 schools were destroyed in Nepal by the earthquake, and the schools in Leptung, Palep, and Adhamara were some of them.

All three schools are government schools and handled by the local government authorities. After rebuilding such schools, we handed them back to the local school authorities. Meanwhile, we observed that the quality of education in Palep and Adhamara Primary School is relatively poor. One reason behind it is the lack of proper school management. As local authorities and headteachers manage such schools, our involvement in the school administration is not necessarily welcome. But we are concerned about providing good education to the students.

Hence, we decided to appoint some teachers privately through Butterfly-Help-Project, who will focus on improving and developing the education at Palep and Adhamara schools.
To receive an excellent education until the secondary level opens many doors for the future even if the kids don’t do further studies.

To sum up, the Butterfly Help Project is appointing two teachers in Palep and Adhamara Primary schools to enhance the education level.

Last but not least, the teachers’ appointment by Butterfly Help Project will also cover the kids’ missed studies due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. During that time, many schools like Palep and Adhamara had no possibilities of conducting online classes. There was no such privilege. Consequently, the kids in such schools have already spent more than one and a half years at home without studying.


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